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Trends Framework

We connect trends to your ‘world’, personas, categories, segments, priorities – all mapped quantitatively. Our experienced, expert trends team connects with your stakeholders to interpret and understand your unique business nuances and drivers. We’ll identify growth opportunities, your future operating model and give direction how you should act. We then work to embed the framework across your business. The result – a coherent, consistent consumer strategy and culture uniting stakeholders.

Market Opportunity Sizing

Through Market Opportunity Sizing you’ll be able to understand the real demand vs the hype for your product or service. Calculating the consumer demand and the commercial value in new propositions involves modelling to forecast uptake at a market, audience and category level; identify product features most critical for purchase; and analyse and discover key customer target groups and most valuable adjacent audiences

Thought Leadership

We leverage our experience, consumer insight and reputation not just for individual client success, but also externally to support industry wide impact and to lobby for longer term change.

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