What we do

What We Do

We know that robust data has the power to transform hunches
into propositions that can survive the boardroom.

A trend without a clear commercial call-to-arms is a wasted opportunity.

So we know that how we write-up, submit and communicate consumer trends to you is just as important as how we source them.

We offer two types of services: Consulting and Foresight Factory online.

Our clients

Our clients are organizations that commercially benefit from better understanding the wants and needs of consumers.

We have over 250 clients, from global brands, start-ups, charities to agencies. Over 90% of our clients use us for a mix of consultancy services and access to Foresight Factory online.

Much of our client work is confidential. So special thanks to Samsung for allowing us to use their name publicly and to provide a summary of the work we’re doing together.

The power of consumer demand modelling – Samsung

Defining future drivers for a specific innovation concept

Validating growth opportunities – Global FMCG Company

Helping our clients, sign off on, reject or refine their decisions.

What We Sell


Our consulting team specialize in quantifying and qualifying consumer attitudes and behaviors. This work is underpinned by our data and trends and allows us to provide rigorous consumer-led forecasts.

We monitor 70 key trends and over 350 sector trends every year. We also have a network of over 400 trend-spotters in over 100 countries. This platform means we can provide bespoke quantitative and qualitative research in response to specific questions you need answering.

Whether it’s a one-off specific project or you would like ongoing support, please download our consulting brochure for more information.

Foresight Factory online

Foresight Factory online is our online powerhouse. Available to all our clients on a user license basis, it provides total access to all of our trends and data.

It’s fully personalized, allowing you to save content that is specifically relevant to you and your business.

Foresight Factory online is directly connected to our data hubs. This means that all insights provided are backed up by our robust data. All of which is fully downloadable.

Introducing AYDA

Launched in January 2018, AYDA is a data mining tool that is built directly into Foresight Factory online.

AYDA gives you real-time access to ALL our consumer data. Allowing you to explore, cut and export from over 150+ audience, sector and behavioral groups.

If you are an existing Foresight Factory online client or have recently signed up and would like a demonstration, please contact your account manager or get in touch.