We connect you with the right trends for your business and help you decide what to do – and when

Collision – our intelligence platform where consumer trends meet technology

What makes us different is that we start with your challenges, before using our unique algorithms to uncover the most relevant trends for you. Then we make them actionable.

We turn them into commercially powerful answers so you’re always seeing beyond what’s happening now, to what will happen next and what you need to do to get there.



See beyond today and tomorrow through our lens so you can confidently meet evolving demand and protect against market disruption.

Opportunities & Innovation

See beyond current consumer opportunities with our trend analytics and bespoke innovation scans. We map your core consumer needs to commercial opportunities, leading to statistically sound, consumer-centric innovation.


Scenarios & Planning

See beyond your current strategy. We’ll develop bespoke scenarios for the future of your operating environment and customer base, preparing you for the post-COVID-19 reality. Let us build or refresh your corporate framework to ensure that you alleviate risk, and that your strategic priorities are realistic and aligned to consumer needs.

Brand & Communication

See beyond your current roadmap and communications strategy with our COVID-19-proof brand framework, based on your brand essence and values – applied across your channels, products and segments.

We’ll also develop consumer communications strategy guides to help you better resonate with your customers now and beyond the crisis.

Trending 2023 – The Report

Our Trending 2023 report is out now. The consumer is weary, the mood is rebellion, and the opportunities are a little less obvious. Kickstart your strategic planning season by downloading our Trending 2023 report.

*The preview report covers 1 out of the 4 mindsets. Only clients have access to full report.

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