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Identify 01

You can’t afford to miss consumer signals, trends, disruptors or opportunities. You need rich data insights that anticipate shifts and protect your business from market disruption. We get you to the heart of the trends that matter. In fact, we’ve been doing it for decades, delivering industry-leading data and trends with more breadth and rigour than anyone else.

  • Quantitative research in 27 countries
  • Qualitative trendspotter insights from 80 markets
  • Consumer spending forecasts by category
  • Social media listening
  • Innovations and patents

Evaluate 02

You’ve got the “what”. Now you need to know “why”. Our proprietary algorithms connect you to the right trends for your customer. We conduct in-depth analysis into consumer needs, motivations, expectations and behaviours to create mega trends, consumer trends and sector trends. This means you get an unparalleled picture of what will happen next, and when and how to respond.

  • 1,000 audience groups
  • 50 million data points
  • Global adjustment algorithm
  • Trend prioritisation algorithm

Act 03

By understanding the changing nature of trends and forecasting how they’ll evolve, you can prioritise your efforts accordingly. Our solutions will empower you to meet evolving demand, focus on commercially significant opportunities, invest in the right customer segments and channels, and protect against market disruption.

  • Alleviate risks to survive and thrive
  • Strengthen strategic and brand relevance
  • Power fast, sustainable growth
  • Target and spend optimally

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