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Identify 01

You crave sharp data insights that not only foresee shifts, but also shield your business from market disruption. That’s where we step in. For decades, we’ve been your go-to for industry-leading data and trends, getting you to the heart of what matters, delivering with more breadth and rigour than anyone else.

  • Quantitative research in 27 countries
  • 46,000 consumers
  • 4,000 daily commercial signals
  • Press releases, patents, innovations
  • Machine learning & AI
  • Economic data & forecasts
  • Google trends
  • Qualitative trendspotter insights
  • Social media listening

Evaluate 02

Got the “what”? Now it’s time for the “why”. Our proprietary algorithms link you to the hottest trends your customers crave. We dive deep into consumer needs, motivations, expectations, and behaviors, crafting mega, consumer, and sector trends. The result? An unbeatable forecast of what’s coming next, and the precise timing and strategy to act.

  • 50 million data points
  • Category level gap analysis
  • Live, dynamic trend frameworks
  • Trend prioritisation algorithm
  • Global & local audience comparisons
  • Weak signal tracking
  • 1,000 audience groups
  • Global adjustment algorithm

Act 03

Gain the upper hand by mastering the flux of trends and anticipating their trajectory. Our dynamic solutions empower you to seize shifting demands, target high-impact opportunities, and strategically allocate resources to prime customer segments and channels.

  • Future-proof corporate strategy
  • Identify risk & take action
  • Meet future demand
  • Inform & direct innovation pipelines
  • Uncover commercial opportunities
  • Expand investor confidence

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