We pioneer strategic foresight for sustainable growth

Our 3-step system is used by brands like yours, to decipher the future, reveal the impact of marketplace signals and navigate through uncertainty, towards transformational growth.

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Actionable solutions for every burning business conundrum


I'm worried I can't see the
crucial signs of change


We need to clarify, strengthen and anchor our corporate strategy


We need to align supply with
real consumer demand

1: Build.
Surface and track the
signals that matter

We provide actionable strategic data and insight, not information inundation.

Your bespoke signal model will scan and prioritize the signals that matter to your strategic priorities, customer segmentation, and business applications.

So you can maximize growth early and respond to risk.

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2: Embed.
Unite behind
one corporate strategy

We turn foresight into action, creating deep value.

We empower cross-organizational teams to adopt systematic foresight techniques.

So you can achieve enhanced brand recognition among future customers, more effective ideation, and transformative revenue possibilities. 

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3: Instil.
Your foresight-led
transformation begins

Implement a cross-company rollout strategy, integrating foresight into all major projects and verticals.

Continuously refine and apply foresight, creating a value-creation cycle that focuses on supply and demand, spanning all areas and planning cycles.

So you can cultivate a foresight culture, building trust and promoting widespread adoption and ownership of foresight throughout the company. 

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We are uniquely placed to deliver
strategic foresight transformation


Supply and demand

Our consumer expertise in demand-side risk & opportunity embeds the customer voice at the heart of your foresight program.


Signals that matter

Our proprietary data, AI and human expertise combine to form a deep foundation for signal tracking.


Prioritize and plan

We know how to decode what matters most, building and embedding the optimal foresight framework for your unique business context.


Practice and partnership

Our partnership approach drives deployment and adoption of foresight practice, organizational transformation and culture change.

We discussed strategic foresight with our client,
Jaguar Land Rover, at Advertising Week Europe.

Foresight Factory’s CEO & Co-owner Meabh Quoirin, talks to Benjamin Moncrieffe, Head of Strategic Foresight at Jaguar Land Rover, at Advertising Week Europe, May 2023.

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