See beyond the noise of today to predict and drive a better tomorrow. We focus on your challenges, find the right data and uncover trends that give you strategically compelling answers.


Alleviate risks to survive & thrive

Be forewarned and protect yourself against market disruption by eliminating uncertainty and anticipating shifts. Pinpoint and interpret the relevant signals to know what’s happening next.


Strengthen strategic & brand relevance

Seize the opportunities and strategic insights that will future-proof your corporate strategy. Uncover what matters to your key audiences to meet their evolving demands and build brand resilience.


Power fast, sustainable growth

Target the right customer needs to turbo-charge growth in your category and key segments. Respond faster to emerging, significant opportunities.


Target & spend optimally

Zero in on the correct customer segments and channels to hone your marketing investments. Use our insights to drive better business performance and efficiency.

Consumer in Crisis

Our new Consumers in Crisis series explores how the Cost of Living crisis is effecting consumer behaviour and trends, revealing how brands should act now to win favour in the long run.

To download the unmissable reports and infographics, click here.

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A unique combination of human and machine trend talent

From London and New York to Seattle and Singapore, our experienced experts and powerful algorithms deliver answers that give you confidence in your future. This unique partnership of human and machine intelligence enables us to deliver foresight and business-critical answers.

Introducing Collision, our intelligence platform where consumer trends meet technology

We start with your challenges. Our proprietary algorithms combine with expert insight to uncover the most relevant trends. Then we make them actionable.

We help you see beyond what’s happening now, to what will happen next and what you need to do to get there.

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Strategic foresight matters more now than ever before

How are your customers’ priorities shifting? How can you ensure your brand and offering stay relevant to their needs?

Discover our five principles of Strategic Foresight, and watch our How to get Strategic Foresight right and Here to Stay Covid Habits webinars. Our latest global data gives an unmissable lens on consumer hopes, fears, expectations, and priorities in a newly vaccinated society.

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200 of the world’s leading brands put their long-standing trust in us to help future-proof their business

Foresight Factory is a great partner in generating data-driven, thought-provoking insights. We use their input at all stages of our marketing processes, from framing strategies to operational category planning.
Izabela Klein, Customer Insights Manager Loyalty and B2B
Foresight Factory are our trends partner. Their forecasted framework approach has been instrumental in equipping us with the evidence and insight to prioritise and drive our key marketing investment decisions.
Michael Lerch, Director Brand Strategy & Brand Management
We use Foresight Factory to help us identify relevant trends and opportunity spaces for innovation. Their models helped us understand market opportunity sizing and prioritization, and their facilitated, cross-functional workshops enabled us to get to the strongest concepts and ideas.
Hillary Gelfman, Director, Global Category Innovation
We use Foresight Factory to better understand and predict future consumer behaviour. Foresight Factory's trend reports are of great value for us within Global Consumer Strategy to get a sense of what is emerging vs established in the consumer world and to track the trajectory of business critical themes such as diversity, sustainability & sports habits.
Svea Nassat, Global Brand Strategy Manager
Walt Disney

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