Too much data?
Unclear relevance?
Unclear value for money?

We cut to the chase.

We offer you the antidote to the industry’s noise

Foresight Factory is a consumer prediction specialist with specific answers to your future customer questions.

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Why choose us?

Foresight and future planning is what we do – It’s all we do.

When you work with us it’s with our owners and their reports.

We’re lean and lithe – our flat structure means 95% of our staff are focused on customer solutions.

Our overheads are invested in the quality of our technology and the quality of our people.

Meet our leadership team

Meabh Quoirin

CEO and Co-Owner

Christophe Jouan

CEO and Co-Owner

Dominic Harrison

Content Director

Josh McBain

Director of Global Consultancy and Strategic Foresight

Bonnie Richardson

Product Development Director

Kerry Rheinstein

Commercial Director

Lucy Jacob

Operations Director

Georgina Sapsted

Head of Data

Noelle Weaver

Managing Partner USA

Sim Thirunesan

Finance Director

Michael Agnew

Head of UK Consultancy

Lee Hunter

Technical Director

Lindsay Kunkle

Head of US Consultancy

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Want to join our team?

Help steer our future. We’re always on the lookout for data experts, trend strategists, account managers, technologists and commercial consultants to join our team. Take a look at the roles we’re currently hiring for.

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