Discover which trends are driving change and shaping consumer experience.

We provide the most robust data and trends intelligence on consumers available today.

Foresight Factory has been laser-focused on the wants and needs of consumers for over 20 years.

We specialize in helping you focus on the right trends by providing the best data on consumers, combined with first-class analytical and predictive capabilities.

This means: we don't do fads.

Instead we use trends and consumer data to answer the key commercial questions your business is asking.

How we help

We know that strategic decisions based on the future always carry risk.
There is no crystal ball.

Our team of data scientists, analysts, trend-spotters, client partners and futurists use data to mitigate these risks.

Our mission


Provide access to the critical trends for your business. Ensuring you’re one step ahead of the threats and opportunities your business will face in the future.


Extract maximum value from your core audiences through the provision of trends, insights, data and innovations that validate your strategy now and in the short-term.


Give the resources you need to identify and internally sell-in new and adjacent segment and market opportunities with confidence.

We have over 250 clients globally. We support them in the following areas:

Branding & Positioning

Challenge your brand values against where your consumers are now and where they will be in the future

Understanding your audience

Deliver customer-centric solutions at the right time and via the best channels

Customer Engagement (CRM)

Build better customer loyalty throughout your product or service lifecycle

Innovation & Product Marketing

Confidently understand how and why your consumers will adopt new concepts and technologies

Marketing Communications

Create a plan for your audiences with the right messaging, communications and channels

Customer Experience

Give your customers a better journey. Create empathy with them. Give them greater control

What we sell

More human than machine

We’re a team of over 400 trend-spotters, data scientists, industry consultants, researchers and trends specialists.

We combine analytical and predictive capabilities with robust data sets. This means we provide two services: Consulting and Foresight Factory online.



We provide a range of consulting services. This includes developing foresight frameworks, identifying the consumer signals you should be monitoring, scenario planning to driving thought leadership.

Foresight Factory online

Foresight Factory online

This is our powerful and always updated platform where you can access all our trends, insights and data from one place.

Foresight Factory's new mining tool AYDA™ is a game changer. It delivers depth insights on my many consumer audiences at the touch of a button. It also gives me the ability to refine constantly to allow me to target on a much more personalised level.

Sylvie McDermott, Currency Fair

Foresight Factory has been the DMA insight partner for more than 20 years, helping the DMA and our members navigate through transformational changes in technology, media channels and most importantly, use of customer data.

Chris Combemale, Group CEO, Direct Marketing Association

Using Foresight Factory's Consumer Demand Modelling technique gave us a real understanding of our positioning for our innovation concept. The real stand out for us was the creation of a bespoke questionnaire that pulled behavioral and attitudinal nuances. This allowed us to craft a detailed and complex story for the innovation.

Consumer Marketing Intelligence, Samsung

Foresight Factory have crafted a bespoke trends framework for London City Airport, an invaluable complement to our customer data and insights strategy. It helps us prioritise from a long list of customer priorities to ensure we deliver maximum benefit to our passengers.

Neil Dillon, Marketing Director, London City Airport