Trending 2021 - The Report

Uncover the 2021 consumer trends, behaviours, scenarios and growth opportunities impacting your business this year and beyond. Grounded in robust, unique data across 27 markets, with case studies and actions.

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Social Wellness

Prioritising positive relationships to improve happiness and wellbeing.

Fantastical Fun

Seeking creativity, community and escapist liberation in fantastical worlds.

Planning Prowess

Planning as a source of control and optimism in uncertain times.

Retrospective Resolution

Expecting brands to apply today’s values retrospectively, and right past wrongs.

War on Waste

Finding solutions for waste-free living.

Power of Now

Community-building and real-time feedback via increased livestreaming.

Acclimatise Now

Adapting to new realities brought about by a changing climate.

Building Resilience

Increased need for personal resilience and preparedness in an uncertain future.

Local Allure

Heritage, pride and sustainability drive consumers to buy local.

Stakeholder Consumer

Consumer need to be an active brand stakeholder, empowered to direct and decide.

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