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Have we reached peak wellness?


Far from it. We share the key wellness themes of tomorrow that you need to keep an eye on today. Harnessing our latest global data, we reveal how to create value from the wellness world whatever your sector.

2022: A year in (p)review


See beyond today with our future lens as we fast forward to the end of 2022. We “looked backed” at the big events of 2022 and the relevant consumer trends that came into play.

Climate Code Red


In our webinar, we revealed the trends driving eco-conscious consumption, met the consumers prioritising eco credentials at the checkout, and discovered the brands that are making sustainability a commercial success.

Trending 2022

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We reveal the eight new trends shaping consumer behaviours and mindsets in 2022. Unpack the rise of tactile and tangible experiences, learn how mood curation will help consumers replenish the emotional deficit of COVID, and get to grips with the new metrics and measurements of the quantified self.

Building Back Better

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We explored critical themes of the newly vaccinated world from energised consumer needs and channels to new societal priorities. As pandemic-weary consumers emerge into a changed world to satisfy their cravings, we discussed how brands can stay on the front foot and be ready to meet emerging demands.

Here to Stay Covid Habits

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We revealed the seismic changes to consumer behaviours and attitudes, that are here to stay in a post-COVID world, and those that’ll be readily lost. Our latest global data gives an unmissable lens on consumer hopes, fears, expectations, and priorities in a newly vaccinated society.

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