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O2 and Virgin Media

Driving future-focused business alignment

After O2 and Virgin Media merged, they required a unified view of consumer trends and drivers for their future operating environment. Working with their Insight and Strategy teams, we developed a dynamic trend framework, constantly updated on our Collision platform. The result? A single perspective on the consumer trends and drivers to align teams across the organization, all synchronized with their 3-year business strategy.


Helping to ensure future product and brand relevancy for Kellogg's

We worked together with the Kellogg’s team to discover new opportunity spaces and innovate within them. To do this, we prioritised the consumer trends aligned to their food and beverage needs. We then worked together with innovation and brand teams to develop a set of concepts to move forward with.


Maximising marketing investment for BMW’s affluent customer segments

Investing in marketing assets that would resonate with customers across its brand and business model was a priority for BMW. We built a trend framework with activations for each segment across marketing assets and channels. The result? Consumer evidence to guide marketing investment for BMW’s most affluent segments.


Putting consumer-centricity at the heart of Toyota’s strategic direction and innovation pipeline.

We worked closely with Toyota to put consumer-centricity at the heart of its strategic direction and innovation pipeline. We developed a trend framework to identify core contextual and consumer trends, creating focus areas for the brand’s future strategy and innovation.

Data Marketing Association

Providing the DMA with market-leading thought leadership

We’ve worked together with the DMA for over 10 years, looking at changing public attitudes towards data and the future of customer engagement. We provide the DMA with the thought leadership to enable their membership to respond to changing consumer demand, engage the media and influence government stakeholders.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Helping DFW evolve travel and mobility

DFW Airport needed to understand the evolution of travel and mobility in order to build an innovation pipeline for the future. To address this need we created a Trend Framework to show how the airport’s innovation strategy should develop to meet the needs of the future traveller, while also showing it to track weak signals of change to stay ahead of the curve.

British Airways

Exploring the long-term future of flying for British Airways

We were tasked with exploring the long-term future of flying. Drawing on new bespoke global research across 10 markets and an expert panel with representatives from NASA, Boeing and Airbus, we developed a dynamic analysis of the likely changes to the demand for – and delivery of – flying experiences over the medium and longer term. We also created five scenarios envisioning the future of flying.

Dairy Farm

Helping Dairy Farm stay ahead of current market conditions

Dairy Farm wanted to overhaul its in-store experience across Southeast Asia. We developed a trend framework identifying the critical trends that were most relevant to their objectives, and combined this with local nuances and detailed consumer data.

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Our access to Collision from Foresight Factory has been a game changer in understanding how consumers are thinking and feeling more generally in our key markets, which we’ve been able to use to understand our consumers and inform our strategy and campaigns in those markets.
Joseph Yeadon, Research Manager
Foresight Factory's audience insights into one of our target segments were critical in developing a better understanding of this group across our commercial function & leadership team. The insights alongside our own data helped justify a re-alignment of our pricing, bundling and overall commercial strategy for one of our core markets.
Luke Harris, Senior Manager, Source Markets & Retailing EMEA
We use Foresight Factory to help us identify relevant trends and opportunity spaces for innovation. Their models helped us understand market opportunity sizing and prioritisation, and their facilitated, cross-functional workshops enabled us to get to the strongest concepts and ideas.
Hillary Gelfman, Director, Global Category Innovation
Foresight Factory has been an integral part of helping us scout out and respond to trends in this brave new world we are all working feverishly to navigate. They are responsive, up to the minute, and were a key contributor in helping us pull together an informed POV in response to recent events.
Kim Carter, Senior Innovation Consultant
Walt Disney
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