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Meet our dynamic intelligence trend platform where we make trends meaningful and actionable.

We connect our trend data to your business challenges so you can see what to do, and when.

Find out what really matters

It’s not about following every trend, it’s prioritising and actioning the ones that matter most. Our unique algorithm crunches millions of data points at lightning speed to identify the trends that matter the most to you saving you time getting you to the insight, fast.

We’ll help you answer questions like “how important is sustainability to my customer?”

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Personalise and see trends through your lens

Get tailored actions and surface the trends that matter to you. Compare/replicate/map your own segments and/or markets. Incorporate your own micro and macro themes. Build customised content.

We don’t just show you the future – we show you how to get there, in a way that’s completely bespoke to you.

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Prepare for what's next

We predict continuous change with outstanding accuracy so we can forecast future behaviours before they happen.

Plan across multiple time horizons so you have confidence in meeting evolving demand. Quantify future opportunities for your emerging products and services.

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Challenge your assumptions

Our datasets have been built over decades to deliver robust and accurate predictions and to allow you to see what your customer really thinks, feels and does.

We blend quantitative research with qualitative insight from our global network of trendspotters to help you myth bust and uncover the truth about your customers.

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Unite teams, functions and geographies

Pin relevant trends, data, trends and innovations to your trend boards to spark ideas. Align thinking across teams, markets and stakeholders.

Our platform can become a go-to online hub, hosting not only frameworks, but also customised toolkits, workshops and videos.

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Work with evidence

50m data points from 27 markets and 35,000 consumers.

Size impact by customer groups

Segment consumers (including your own) to understand different attitudes and behaviours.

Track innovations

See what’s happening in adjacent markets and sectors, so you never miss a signal.

We rely on Foresight Factory to turn data into a structured and comprehensive take on key trends for us today and tomorrow. We get both the bigger picture and the granular understanding and implications. But equally important is the pro-active support & insights from the client team.

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Jacques-Julien Rieme, Consumer Insights Director

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