Introducing Collision from Foresight Factory, the intelligence platform where consumer trends meet technology.

It’s hard for businesses to extract value from trend data. We know you want faster and more precise tools. Our role is to make trends meaningful. To give them a critical purpose. To connect them with your business challenges and metrics.


Everyone else looks at the what, we look at the how & why.


Our strategic expertise
means you can act
with confidence.


Better understand
your customer


Answer your business
challenges and prepare for what’s next.


Identify opportunities and
track the competition.

Work with evidence

50m data points from 27 markets and 35,000 consumers.

Prioritise relevant trends

Our algorithm uncovers the most relevant trends for your business.

Size impact by customer groups

Segment consumers (including your own) to understand different attitudes and behaviours.

Track innovations

See what’s happening in adjacent markets and sectors, so you never miss a signal.

Action by sector and business area

Apply a sector and business area lens to trends and get actionable recommendations.

Prepare for what's next

Our forecasts and data predictions quantify future opportunities for emerging products and services.

We rely on Foresight Factory to turn data into a structured and comprehensive take on key trends for us today and tomorrow. We get both the bigger picture and the granular understanding and implications. But equally important is the pro-active support & insights from the client team.

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Jacques-Julien Rieme, Consumer Insights Director

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The platform that helps you see beyond now, to next and what you need to do to get there.

Our unique algorithms crunch millions of data points to reveal your customer trends – then we’ll make them actionable for your business.

Life under Coronavirus


How are consumers’ changing? Our special tracker report outlines the economic and societal outlook, shines a spotlight on the consumer trends being impacted and recommend commercial responses.

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Gen Z are more diverse, dynamic, and digitally savvy than any other generation. But a sense of injustice and anxiety is redefining their uncertain, post Covid future. This report preview showcases how our audience segmentation work enables you to integrate spending priorities into your planning process more efficiently.

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