Scenarios & Planning

Seize the signals, directions and frameworks for success.

We’ll look at external economic and structural forces and link these to the most pertinent consumer trends you should act on. Plus, we’ll capture the early warning signals that will help mitigate business uncertainty.

Drawing on our trend analysis, bespoke predictions and expertise on structural drivers, we distil areas of consumer consciousness that could bubble up with little warning, examine the trajectories of significant market influences, and advise how you can capitalise on them.


We empower you to plan effectively for critical uncertainties.


Understand how consumers are changing.


Capture the drivers that will reshape your customer base, market and operation.



Have a clear view of the risks that have been under-evaluated.


Integrate economic scenarios and focus on emerging opportunities.

Trends framework

Build or refresh your corporate framework. Operate with confidence in a globally transformed context, and ensure strategic priorities are realistic, agile and always in line with consumer needs.

Scenario planning

Manage uncertainty, steer your business towards the best outcomes, and mitigate against the worst ones.

C-suite briefings

Present evidence to your C-suite and prepare your organisation operationally for COVID-driven consumer shifts.

We had to ensure that our NIVEA brand and products anticipated and delivered against evolving consumer needs in the mid to long term. Foresight Factory worked with key stakeholders to develop an in-depth foresight framework that is applied across global regions to inform innovation and strategic planning.

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Susanne Jentsch, Head of Consumer Trends & Scouting

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Discover our five principles of Strategic Foresight. From evaluating new consumer behaviours to acting on the right signals, we guide you through the pitfalls and power-ups shaping today’s markets. 

Life beyond Coronavirus

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A ‘must-read’ preview of the pandemic inspired behaviours shaping our new COVID-contained world. Unveil the driving trends, and unmissable opportunities your business can’t afford to miss.

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