Brand & Communication

Brand impact and resonance in a changing consumer landscape.

Our consumer communications strategy guide will ensure you have effective asset and channel management in the context of changing consumer needs. We’ll also equip you with incisive and relevant communication ideas that are appropriate for your channels and segments.

Resonate with your customers


Respond sensitively and resonate with consumers.


Crystallise your brand’s purpose in the new landscape.



Know which assets and channels to invest in and when.


Adapt your previous messaging for a new context.

The strategic brand

COVID-proof brand roadmap – tune into the new consumer context, now and post-crisis.

Brand communication

Long-term strategy guide – resonate with customers more effectively and improve marketing efficiency.

Figuring out what our brand should activate, especially for our Luxury Customers, is always a challenge. There’s so much we could do, but what will truly resonate? Foresight Factory are our trends partner, their forecasted framework approach has been instrumental in equipping us with the evidence and insight to prioritise and drive our key marketing investment decisions.

Michael Lerch, Brand and Communication Strategy

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BMW - Prioritising key marketing investment decisions

Case Study

Foresight Factory came up with a unique roadmap of opportunity trends for the marketing team to deploy. This included a segmented view of how and when to act, ensuring that all activity was sufficiently personalised, relevant and also scalable across multiple regions and audiences.

OK Boomer? The real impact on our ageless society


For many years now, we’ve been tracking a trend called Ageless Society, which explores how age-based stereotypes are being challenged. However, the pandemic has rudely interrupted the trajectory of this trend. What does COVID-19 mean for our ageing – and ageless – population?

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