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Trending 2020

The Next 20 Years

From 2020 through to the next 20 years, our recent event explored the loudest and quietest trends to track. We unveiled the headline themes as well as the subtle revolutions changing the world.

Trending 2019

Own the Future

Our 2019 event looked at the best strategies for those seeking to challenge Titan Brands such as Amazon and Alibaba, as well as new tribes and the opportunities they present for brands.

Strategic foresight matters more now than ever before

How are your customers’ priorities shifting? How can you ensure your brand and offering stay relevant to their needs?

Discover our five principles of Strategic Foresight, explore our Life Under Coronavirus report, and watch our Re-Think, Re-Invent and Re-Engage webinar series. From evaluating new consumer behaviours to acting on the right signals, we guide you through the pitfalls and power-ups shaping today’s markets. 

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