Webinar Series - Re-think, Re-invent and Re-engage

Our webinar series looks at seven critical themes that uncover how consumers’ needs are changing, highlights the scenarios you need to plan for and examines what to prioritise in the new brand landscape.

The New Next. Which Consumer Trends Have Been Boosted by the Pandemic?

At Foresight Factory, we are assessing the pandemic’s impact on key consumer trends. Are they boosted, paused or largely unaffected by coronavirus conditions? Understand what’s changed forever vs. what’s just temporary.

Why watch?

  • Meet the energised trends on your Pandemic Trends Map.
  • We’ll map your brand’s path through the pandemic and look at the impact of economic and pandemic scenarios.
  • Identify ways to maximise the new opportunities for B2C brands.

On Pause. What Are The Consumer Trends Derailed by the Pandemic?

Some trends are being placed on ice, or even reversed, by the pandemic – with potentially long- term implications for consumer needs and mindsets. How will business models and positioning adjust?

Why watch?

  • Explore the paused trends on your Pandemic Trends Map – and map your brand’s path through the pandemic.
  • Learn which trends are paused for the short and long term to help you better bridge the now with the post-pandemic world.
  • Understand how the new trend trajectories will impact your roadmap to recovery.

Life Beyond COVID-19. How Have Your Consumers' Expectations Changed?

As we transition to the Next Normal, what are the new consumer behaviours, attitudes, expectations and worries that businesses must prepare to meet?

Why watch?

  • Determine which are your key pillars for Next Normal customer-centricity.
  • See how mindsets, expectations and fears differ among generational audiences and tribes.
  • All driven by analysis from our fresh wave of global consumer research.

How Do You Reach Consumers Now and in a Post-Pandemic World?

Analysing how consumers’ usage of channels is shifting during the pandemic – and what it means for future engagement and selling strategies.

Why watch?

  • Learn which channel preferences are evolving – and why.
  • Discover how your consumers expect retail, service and technology to change.
  • See how your competitors are reshaping the playing field to reach pandemic shoppers.

The Future of Sustainability. Does it Still Matter?

The pandemic threatens to stall eco-momentum, with shopper priorities and attention forced elsewhere. Brands that have invested in sustainability want to see returns, and need to anticipate how consumers’ eco-values and expectations will progress through the pandemic.

Why watch?

  • Learn where sustainability sits on your customers’ list of pandemic priorities.
  • See which audiences are most receptive to eco-ethical messaging.
  • Consider how sustainability complements new health and economic concerns energised by the pandemic.

We'll Meet Again? Charting the Future of Mobility

Many business models rely on a consumer on the move – from travel to retail to auto to out-of-home leisure. How will the pandemic alter how consumers perceive and engage with the outside world? And what new roles will brands be expected to play?

Why watch?

  • Understand the factors driving consumers’ willingness to re-engage with out-of-home experiences, mobility options and commercial touchpoints.
  • Which audiences will lead re-engagement with OOH leisure, travel and retail?
  • Anticipate the industry impact – which business models are most exposed? And which new future opportunities are energised?

The Road To Recovery. What Does Brand Purpose Mean in the COVID-19 Era?

Even as normalcy returns, what will be the lasting effects on brand values and their roles in consumers’ lives? Which values and principles should brands be placing at the heart of messaging at a time when lives and livelihoods are under threat?

Why watch?

  • Learn which values consumers personally aspire to – and which to align messaging with.
  • Is the role your brand plays in consumers’ lives still relevant? Should it now change?
  • See which audiences are primed for functional, value-led messaging – and which might welcome more purpose-led branding and marcoms activity.