Trending 2019: Own the Future

Missed our global conference?

Trending 2019, our annual conference took place in London in November 2018. Over 250 industry leaders from more than 135 global brands joined us to discover the new and energised trends that shaped the 2019 socio-commercial zeitgeist and understand how to stay heard in the Attention Economy.

2019: The Big Reveal

Top 10 trends shaping the consumer experience in 2019, a year that promised yet more political and economic uncertainty.

The Age of Titan Brands

Titan Brands will have a growing impact on re-shaping the future consumer landscape. How brands should optimise their response to this growing challenge?

New Tribes (To Go To War For)

We’ve analysed new tribes to uncover their strongest behaviours, and how brands can connect with them. The first is the Childfree, and second, the Homeworker.

Trending 2019

9 incredible talks, 17 brilliant speakers

Our speakers explored the loudest and quietest trends to track, forecasting fails (and how to avoid them) and the future of reward.

The World’s Leading Brands Attended:

Walt Disney
London City Airport
Accor Hotels

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