Trending 2020: The Next Year, the Next 20 Years

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Trending 2020, our annual conference took place in London in October 2019. Over 260 industry leaders from over 150 global brands joined us to understand how consumer behavior is changing and gain insight on the trends set to shape next year – and the next 20 years.

Tribespotting: Meet the Hyper-Quantifiers and Ambitionless Youth

Spot the commercial opportunities that lie in emerging audiences. Get to know the customers you’ll be selling to next.

The Sonic Stage: Does Your Brand Need a Sonic Strategy?

Brands that use music that is aligned with the brand identity are 96% more likely to be remembered by the consumer.

What Exactly Will We Still Own in 2030?

Are new models of access disrupting our traditional notions of possession? By 2030 will it be about what we’ll own or how we’ll own it?

9 incredible talks, 16 brilliant speakers

Our speakers explored the loudest and quietest trends to track, forecasting fails (and how to avoid them) and the future of reward.

The World’s Leading Brands Attended:

Warner Brothers
Sony pictures
Johnson + Johnson
virgin trains
The Guardian

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