COVID-19: A newly vaccinated world

What brands know about consumer attitudes, behaviours, and preferences has been tested more than ever. We want to help you navigate and shape your businesses future within a COVID contained world. Our recent reports, webinars and thought leadership pieces provide myth busting insight with opportunities to action.

Strategic Foresight matters more now than ever

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Businesses that once labelled foresight as prophecy now understand that it is not about predicting the future – rather, it is about shaping it. Instead of asking what the future of your business will look like, explore what the future of your business could be.

Life Beyond Coronavirus

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As we emerge into the new Covid-contained world, we explore consumer behaviours inspired by the pandemic experience. Discover the driving trends behind each, as well as the opportunities they create.

Here to Stay Covid Habits

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We revealed the seismic changes to consumer behaviours and attitudes, that are here to stay in a post-COVID world, and those that’ll be readily lost. Our latest 2021 global data gives an unmissable lens on consumer hopes, fears, expectations, and priorities in a newly vaccinated society.

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