Succeeding with ​​Strategic Foresight

Thursday January 25th 2024, 1500 GMT

Foresight is exploding onto the business scene, rapidly becoming more ingrained in strategy and operations. Leading the charge are Chief Foresight Officers, advising the C-Suite on the signals they need to act on vs. what needs to be ignored.

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Dominic Harrison

Director of Content

As Content Director at Foresight Factory, Dominic is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s flagship consumer trends and advisory service, Collision. He manages a team of analysts, editors, researchers, and data scientists who share the same goal: spotting, monitoring and forecasting consumer trends, and identifying growth opportunities for clients.

Nathan Stringer

Senior Trends Analyst and Copyeditor

Nathan has an academic background in History and professional experience in political analysis. He oversees Foresight Factory’s reporting on brand case studies and is the content team specialist in alcohol, consumer tech, insurance and media.

Shreya Soni

Content Trends Analyst

Shreya has an academic background in Journalism, Psychology and English. She is the content team specialist in Food and Beverage, Retail, Fashion and Hospitality and Events.

David Crosbie

Consumer Trends Editor

David has worked in the field of consumer trends and futuring for over a decade. He has helped clients in a wide variety of sectors – from food and drink and other FMCG to financial services and more.

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What Strategic Foresight is and why you need it