Three quiet signals the world is missing

Business resilience means responding to the immediate ‘loud’ signals of disruption while also tuning in to the more subtle, ‘quiet’ signals which may have a longer term impact. We can work with you on your 2021 vision to find opportunities before they happen.

1. Passive empowerment

The loud, active consumer is becoming overwhelmed by choice. A more passive but equally empowered consumer is on the rise as they invite intermediaries such as price comparison sites or digital assistants like Alexa to make their choices for them. Brands are at risk of being bypassed – especially in commoditised markets such as utilities or finance. 

Brand action: Invest in long term brand engagement, treat your consumers like active stakeholders and reward them for their input.

boxer representing resilience

2. Future Stoics

Right now, we know consumers are understandably near-sighted, dealing with lives and livelihoods in the panic of the pandemic. But there are growing signals that a long-term resilience is building, to withstand future shocks and uncertainty.

Brand action: Connect with both the short and long-term consumer mindset, to help enable all consumer goals.

3. Adapting, not just preventing

While industry should rightly and loudly be preventing the long-term impact of global warming, examining how best to adapt to a future world transformed by climate change is increasingly important. Global shipping, energy, bio-tech and construction are just some of the sectors who have seen net benefits.

Brand action: Alongside actioning immediate responses to limit the impact of climate change, model how it will influence your customer base and operating environment.

climate change

What are you missing right now?

We help our clients build a two-track strategy. One that allows you to think fast as well as slow.
We uncover, prioritise and help you activate all the right signals.