What Does It Mean To Be A British Brand?

October 17, 2017

At our conference Trending 2018, we will be asking, “is Brand Britain is holding its value in light of Brexit?” When provenance is so tied to notions of quality, heritage and for some, security – what does it mean to be a British brand – or even a ‘global’ one?

The UK is about to face what is arguably its greatest disruptor yet – and it’s not automation. With weak consumer spending and the uncertainties of Brexit looming ahead, what’s a brand to do?

When it comes to why consumers really buy into a brand, it’s important to not roll your eyes when we say ‘authenticity’. We know that 85% of people worldwide believe it’s important to come across as you really are and that consumers want brands to reflect their values. Ranging from transparency of origin, CSR practices, genuine advocacy and UGC or even the perception of being wholesome, it’s a critical element for brands to have as a core value to stand against the tide of precariousness that Brexit brings.

Watch Foresight Factory’s CEO & Co-owner Meabh Quoirin explain more about how we’ll be discussing Brexit and Brands at our Trending 2018 conference this week.


The replay of our Trending 2018 conference is now available here. Watch for Foresight Factory’s newest data and game-changing insights into your consumers.


Written by Emily Cullen

As Trends Manager at Foresight Factory my role revolves around spotting and quantifying new consumer trends, with a particular focus on Health, Beauty and Food innovation. I am also responsible for managing our team of Trends Strategists, and through this helping to ensure the smooth and high quality delivery of content to clients.

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