Thank You For Attending Our Best Ever Event, Trending 2018

October 20, 2017

After a successful, content-packed day, Foresight Factory Trending 2018 would love to thank everyone who attended our conference: Our engaged clients and guests who asked compelling questions to our speakers, the exhibitors and our partners Querlo and Unruly (in particular Simon Gosling and Rebecca Waring for speaking) who presented their entertaining innovations. Our closing panel was made a success thanks to Bruce McKinnon, Founding Director of Mission Brand, James Johnstone, Head of Global Customer Insights at Shell and Louie Chow, Creative Director of Venga. And to the team at Sensum who monitored the responses of some (consenting) members of the audience, through their biometric technology for our closing presentation! Also, to our venue King’s Place for providing a fantastic space and professional team that ran around making sure all our delegates had a microphone during the Q&A’s. (If you don’t believe us, watch the replay of our livestream).

Trending 2018 consumer analytics and trends event by Foresight Factory in London


The event boasted a full-house and packed sessions, both online and on-site, all throughout the afternoon. As guests filed in for morning registration, they were greeted by our account teams with introductions and breakfast. The morning keynote speeches were received with enthusiasm, a lot of note-taking and brilliant tweets from our guests.

We are so thankful that all the details didn’t go unnoticed – from the array of food stalls at lunch to the variety of exhibitors that were ready to demo and share insights from their respective industries. Guests particularly enjoyed #rawr tea from Tea Rex’s fruit and root infusions and immersing themselves with the VR headsets at the custom Unruly Home of the Future set up. There was jewellery from indie designers to peruse and try on from Glitzbox and an interactive digital game from Sensible Object that brought out the child in everyone. While keeping you entertained, watered and fed during the breaks, we could never have expected the response we received to the new feature, introduced for the first time at Trending 2018, breakout sessions.

Trending 2018 consumer analytics and trends event by Foresight Factory in LondonGeared to answer your business needs and to create an event that would be as relevant and critical to you as possible, our rounds of intimate presentations proved to be extremely popular. Our CEO and Co-Owner Christophe and Client Analyst Giovanni Zenati’s work on building loyalty in a #NeverNormal world provoked thoughtful questions like, “how does a brand with very little customer engagement motivate advocacy?” And our Chief Account Manager, Nathan Stringer’s stirring presentation on What’s Going on in Trump’s America, delving deep into our unrivalled data, led people to question the ways in which they can segment and target their consumers. When the Q&A is as lively as the sessions themselves, we know that our guests have had a day well spent away from the office.Trending 2018 consumer analytics and trends event by Foresight Factory in LondonIf you attended or followed the day’s agenda via our livestream, why not tell Querlo, our emotional chatbot what you thought? If you have any questions about our trends or data that could help you build a strategy for 2018, get in touch.


Written by Meabh Quoirin

Meabh Quoirin is CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory. A bi-lingual and experienced public speaker, Meabh is a key voice on consumer trends and analytics. Named as a ’top voice’ on the LinkedIn Influencer network in 2016 & 2017, she specialises in helping businesses profit by better understanding consumers.

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