Engaging consumers when every cost counts

From rising costs to supply chain disruption, high inflation and a war in Ukraine, consumers and brands alike are reeling from multiple crises – and the pandemic is just barely in our rear-view mirror. We specialise in helping brands get future-fit, whatever the world throws at them. Our new Consumers in Crisis series explores the impact of these crises on consumer behaviour and trends, revealing how brands should act now to win favour in the long run.

The newest addition to the series is our Cut back or bounce back data infographic. Find out what UK consumers are looking to cut back on over the next year, and which products and services will be prioritised.

Boosting brand loyalty in the face of inflation

Report preview

Read our report preview to unlock 3 data-backed strategies for engaging consumers when every cost counts.  

Trend Thermometer

What's hot and what's not

This is no ordinary financial crisis. In a post-pandemic world, which trends are heating up? Which ones are on ice for now? And where do the opportunities lie?

Cut back or bounce back?

Data Infographic

As prices rise, cutbacks are inevitable. Will your brand get the chop? Our deep dive into the data will look at where consumers will trim spending, and which products and services will be prioritised. 

Recessionary Playbook

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Your ultimate guide to surviving and thriving through difficult times.

See beyond your current strategy with our scenario planning

We empower you to plan effectively for critical uncertainties