The year in preview webinar

23 ways to reward, reassure and reconnect with consumers throughout 2023

The outlook is bleak, consumers are weary, and crisis is the new normal. But 2023 doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for brands. Watch our first webinar of 2023 as we shine a light on the year ahead, equipping you with 23 opportunities to seize and data-backed recommendations for meaningfully connecting with consumers.

Building on the themes explored in our Trending 2023 presentation, we’ll unlock sector-specific strategies for reaching and resonating with the rebellious consumer. Start the year a step ahead by arming your teams with crucial consumer insights that will help you make strategic decisions with clarity and confidence.

Kickstart your strategic planning season

Our Trending 2023 report is out now. The consumer is weary, the mood is rebellion, and the opportunities are a little less obvious. Download our Trending 2023 report and start seeing beyond.