Free Webinar: Which Trends & Economic Scenarios will be Most Critical in 2021?

19 Nov 15:00 – 16:30 GMT
A year of pandemic persistence and uncertain economic recovery awaits, alongside ongoing political, tech and demographic flux. Explore how and why consumer mindsets and expectations will change.
Anticipate their impact and prepare for multiple outcomes.

5 Ways to Get Strategic Foresight Right in 2021

Strategic Foresight is the art of shaping the future for your benefit. And it’s increasingly crucial in a post-Covid brand landscape. 

Understand what it means in practice.  Learn how to boost capabilities within your organization. 

Where Do We Grow From Here? The Key 2021 Opportunities

From mixed commerce to Gen Z decision-makers, we’ll explore the 2021 growth drivers across channels, audiences and business models. 

Understand and learn how to capitalise on the consumer needs underpinning them.

Planning 2021 and beyond? We can help.

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