Trending 2018: Our line-up of partners and exhibitors announced!

October 12, 2017

With the annual conference one week away, we are able to officially announce the list of exhibitors that will be showcasing at Trending 2018. One of our themes that describes the consumer mood of next year and the years to come is Never Normal, where all industries are set to face disruption. If not from a nimble startup then from the Fourth Industrial Revolution – but like we’ve said before, with challenge comes opportunity. Under one roof, we’ve made it possible for your brand to meet with some of the most innovative businesses, where we have lifestyle and tech startups exhibiting alongside established companies.


As a platinum partner, the video advertising company specializing in emotional intelligence will also be sharing the stage for our presentation on The Future of the Home. Having worked with them extensively at high profile events like Spikes Asia and Advertising Week New York, not to mention our CEO Meabh’s insight and participation in their interactive showroom of the future, we are thrilled to welcome them to Trending 2018.


If there’s one thing we can talk about for hours, it’s chatbots. These intriguing, approachable forms of AI are set to help marketers drive sales through conversational commerce. Querlo stands out by focusing on the critical element that will propel chatbots into the future – emotions. Aware that people are afraid to be their true selves online, Querlo’s technology is used to provide secure and comforting environments for honest conversations.


Our startups

A few weeks ago we began a search for new startups that were ahead of their game in their sector, diverse and driven by consumer behavior or what we like to call predictive trends. Our search is over and these are the three exhibitors that we are proud to have at Trending 2018:

Tea Rex

Sick of the lackluster fruit teas on the market that smell great but taste like… hot water, Tea Rex falls into our trend Pursuit of Real. This driver is very much tied to authenticity beyond provenance, slow living and mindfulness, and it’s one that’s on the rise. Riding with it are free-from fruit and root infusions.


Almost everyone is looking to tap on the lucrative and complex millennial market. One niche sector that’s picking up globally, is rented luxury. Glitzbox tailors jewellery subscriptions to its users, providing them with three pieces of premium accessories to keep for a month. The popularity of such brands are fuelled by the Performative Perfection aspect of social media; being seen with something is almost the same as ownership. It’s also worth noting that a significant minority of 24% post their purchases on social media multiple times. The exclusivity of Glitzbox’s list of designers, combined with their Early Bird Brands strategy of pop-ups makes it one to keep an eye on.

Sensible Object

Sensible Object borrows the best from digital experience and incorporates it into design, while emphasising home and family life at the core of their products. Their games combine online and offline leisure and aims to bring people together, going against the notion that technology is disruptive to meaningful time spent with loved ones. Our trend Networked Family reports on how young adults are increasingly reliant on their parents or even grandparents, and how it’s tech that’s bringing them closer, allowing them to connect on more levels.


The replay of our Trending 2018 conference is now available here. Watch for Foresight Factory’s newest data and game-changing insights into your consumers.



Written by Dominic Harrison

Director of Global Trends at Foresight Factory. Wish for the future? A world where new generations of smart tech adopt a less interruptive and visible presence in our lives. No more phones at dinner!

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