Welcome to Trending 2018, Foresight Factory’s Annual Conference

September 8, 2017


I am particularly proud that on Thursday 19th October we will host our biggest ever conference, Trending 2018, where we will welcome 400 delegates for a full day of exciting consumer trends content, based on our analysis of Foresight Factory’s unique data set.

Trends have always been the live pulse that help us define and predict the biggest issues and opportunities for marketers to grapple with – and this year we’ve sized up some particularly juicy angles on what consumers really want.

Our faithful client audience will join us for Trending 2018 alongside experts in Marketing, Innovation, Insight and Analytics, all looking to drive growth and target consumers in new ways. This year, we will zero in on the ideas that matter but also how to transform strategies with confidence.

We will be unveiling four new trends identified in the last year, which we believe materially impact how brands should interact with consumers and make these – and our other trends predictions – actionable. What passing fads can you afford to ignore? What do you need to factor into your 2018 plan? What longer-term shifts should play a role in your three to five year vision? What action can you take today, to impact this quarter’s results? I’m excited to announce the line-up for this year’s event, where some of my colleagues will be taking on the most critical themes that every boardroom needs to master.


Here’s a look at some of the keynote themes:

Morning plenary sessions


Welcome to the world of #NeverNormal

  • Josh McBain, Director of Consultancy

Ten years into recovery from the crash, we introduce the era of #NeverNormal and examine the new rules of consumer behaviour, where disruptive startups, technology and game-changing start-ups and innovations, as well as the economic and commercial forces are set to hit the global stage.

#NeverNormal has broken what were perceived to be ‘certainties’ and mainstays in both industry and consumer life that seemed immutable – everything from smartphone apps overturning entire business models through to the dramatic shift in how people reach each ‘traditional’ life stages such as home ownership, marriage and having children (or not, as the case may be). These changes are not a threat, but instead often represent a huge opportunity for business. So who is the new consumer in a time where uncertainty is the only certainty?


Brand Britain: Holding its value in Brexit Times?

  • Christophe Jouan, CEO and Co-founder

Made in Britain: We explore the connotations of quality, heritage and security that is typically associated with a brand’s provenance. Origin and source transparency is emerging in significance and the call to buy local is more pronounced than ever. However, our bananas and coffee are still Brazillian, our wine French and clothes Asian. With all of the political and business tumult surrounding Brexit, how is Brand Britain faring, both home and abroad?

The next session represents one of the most untouched territories for the future of advertising. We are particularly excited to welcome our partners in Unruly to the stage to our session on the Future of the Home.


Future of the Home

  • Laura Dennehy, Head of Content Solutions and guest speaker Simon Gosling, Futurist at Unruly

In May this year, Foresight Factory highlighted the trends and data driving innovations in Unruly’s Home of the Future. And while talk of AI and the IoT continues to grow – it’s also planning to invade our homes via smart assistants, driven by just about anything that can be ‘connected’. What are the implications of a connected home that creates a brand-led environment, where every space is shoppable, every surface a touchpoint?


Afternoon break-outs

And because we believe that change is the only constant, it’s time for us to switch up our usual format and embrace the move to introduce break-out sessions, so that you can tailor your experience to the sector, demographic group, geography or medium that most interests you. Standby for a deep dive on Trump’s America, the Future of Video in Asia and our views on when and how AI will go mainstream.

Tickets are available to buy now, priced at £495 until Friday 15th September and thereafter at the full price of £650. If you’re already an FFonline subscriber, you can of course email your account team to get details of how to redeem the tickets that are included with your package. And if you’d like to come but can’t get to London, we’re planning a livestream for the event.


Here’s a short video showing highlights from Trending 2017 to get more of a feel for what’s to come this year.

I look forward to seeing you all there, once I’ve written my own talk for the day. ?‍♀️?


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Written by Meabh Quoirin

Meabh Quoirin is the CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory. She is also a LinkedIn Influencer and one of their nominated Top Voices. Meabh’s expertise lies in interpreting behaviours and signals to uncover what matters most to consumers today and tomorrow. A bi-lingual and experienced public speaker, Meabh is a key voice in the world of foresights and analytics. Meabh is a guest lecturer at Dublin University, sits on the Advisory Board of Advertising Week and regularly speaks at high profile industry events such as Ted X.

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