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Here are just a few predictions we’re making about leading consumer trends over the next five years.

climatarian diet

Diets will be ‘climatarian’

Sustainability will be a driving force behind our food and drink choices, with eco labelling making it easier to find ‘green’ options. Cultured meat, dairy and seafood will be readily available, and we predict that by 2025, 51% of global consumers will be eating, or at least willing to eat, lab-grown meat. In turn, we could see animal-based products repositioned as rare and premium treats.

Marcomms action: As concerns about animal welfare grow, demonstrate how your brand is improving the welfare of its farmed animals. Consider hosting livestreams and behind-the-scenes content that highlights the comfortable, stress-free lives animals are living.

Health will be a group effort

We do not need to face health issues alone. Patient-centric health communities will continue to grow, offering consumers peer-to-peer support and advice on specific chronic conditions as well as broader wellness areas. Medical professionals will prescribe more non-drug interventions, such as gaming and wellness communities, to treat mental health conditions like PTSD.

Branding and Positioning action: Highlight the importance of positive social connections for mental and physical health and the role your brand can play in bringing people together, online and off. Be the brand that purposefully connects.

Digital fashion

Digital ownership will boom

NFTs are only the beginning. Digital-only brands will sell products like clothing and makeup that are only for use online, and blockchain technology will help to tackle a growing digital counterfeit industry. Consumers will use VR headsets and AR-enabled devices for the most fulfilling interactions with their digital possessions, and haptics will add a multisensory dimension, making these items feel tangible and real.

Customer Experience action: Help consumers enjoy digital-only purchases IRL. Make virtual offerings accessible or shareable in real-life spaces. For example, digital art can be displayed via projection in the home, or virtual outfits and accessories can be viewed through AR filters.

(Photo by: www.thefabricant.com)

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