The top 10 trends for 2019

January 29, 2019

The trends you need to get ahead in 2019

Another year and another chance to round up the game changing strategies coming in the year ahead. This year we are proud to say our Trending 2019 report received the top score from Forbes, who described it as “jam packed with insights, data and advice for brands.”

One of the reasons Forbes liked it so much, is that the trends update with data in real time, so that you know if movements like the FIRE movement below still have steam. And regional trends show what trends are particularly energised for your audience.


New innovations continually populate the online report, exploring examples such as why Neo-Civility means that you shouldn’t be scared of causing outrage among a noisy minority (like Gillette did with the “Best a Man Can Be” campaign, which has not yet impacted sales, but got everyone talking). If that’s not for you, read on for an overview of the top strategic trends for 2019 or download a preview here.


What’s trending in 2019

1. The AI Leap

Increasingly sophisticated AI pushes consumer expectations of tech capabilities, and consumers will expect concierge-like AI assistance in everyday life. The need for control drives adoption as consumers become open to AI support. It is already embedded into innovative hospitality and retail spaces.

2. Educator Brands

Brands become empowering advisers and fill knowledge gaps with content. Over half of consumers feel a need to be more knowledgeable. Brands take on this responsibility, expanding the touchpoints they have with their customers and improving post purchase engagement.

3. Neo-Civility

This trend describes the need for social safety in interactions with others in offence-sensitive, censorious and polarized times. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a belief held by a non-woke older consumer – instead it is 2 in 5 of young people who are scared of offending.


To discover all the top 10 trends shaping the consumer experience in 2019, and the data and analysis behind the trends, go to the full report. If you are already a client, log in to download the full report with access to all 25 markets. If you are not our client you can still download Trending 2019 report preview which contains detailed analysis of 2 out of 10 trends.


Written by Clodagh Brennan

I am a Senior Trend Analyst with a focus on tracking innovation in the Travel, Leisure and Automotive sectors and quantifying changing consumer behaviour. I also manage the content marketing efforts, sharing Foresight Factory insight beyond our clients.

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