The pitfalls of “sexy signals”: Meabh Quoirin talks FOMO with Business Age

June 6, 2023

We all know a sexy signal when we see one. From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, and from the metaverse to generative AI, shiny new innovations and buzzwords never fail to capture the world’s attention. But shine without substance is just a costly distraction. This is what our co-founder and CEO Meabh Quoirin argues in an opinion piece she wrote this month for Business Age. 

FOMO is real, and staying culturally attuned is crucial. But not every signal warrants a strategic reaction,” says Meabh. 

“Businesses need the confidence to be aware of the signals around them without feeling the need to act on ones that aren’t right for them.” 

Rather than being waylaid by sexy signals and fast-moving fads, brands need to unlock genuine white space amid all the white noise. Foresight Factory helps hundreds of global brands do just that by expertly layering data sources and mapping consumer demand to commercial activity, so they can instantly unearth targeted opportunity spaces. 

To dive deeper into Meabh’s take, head to Business Age to read the full article.


Written by Meabh Quoirin

Meabh Quoirin is the CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory. She is also a LinkedIn Influencer and one of their nominated Top Voices. Meabh’s expertise lies in interpreting behaviours and signals to uncover what matters most to consumers today and tomorrow. A bi-lingual and experienced public speaker, Meabh is a key voice in the world of foresights and analytics. Meabh is a guest lecturer at Dublin University, sits on the Advisory Board of Advertising Week and regularly speaks at high profile industry events such as Ted X.

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