The benefits of human and machine collaboration: Christophe Jouan talks to The AI Journal

May 26, 2023

How can brands find growth in a perma-crisis world? What’s the key to gathering and distilling the most significant signals and insights? Could AI provide a solution – or is it a harbinger of doom? Those are some of the questions that our founder and CEO Christophe Jouan tackles in an article he wrote for The AI Journal. 

“Without enough human input in the mix, all AI can do is learn from what’s gone before and repeat it in different ways, laying the groundwork for blandness, bias, or – in the case of business foresight – some seriously inaccurate predictions,” says Christophe. 

For more intel on why brands need to balance artificial intelligence with human guidance in order to deeply understand and react to the needs, attitudes and behaviours of their future customers, read the article here


Written by Christophe Jouan

Christophe Jouan is CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory. He is a pioneer of new consumer analytics, prediction and data techniques including our latest AI capability which connects commercial activity to consumer trends identifying first-mover and fast-follower opportunities, as well as areas of potential risk

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