Explore how the impact of rising costs is changing consumers and trends

Which consumer trends are heating up in the cost-of-living crisis? Which ones are cooling down? And where do the opportunities lie? The only way to survive and thrive through crisis is by keeping up with shifting consumer demand. Our Trend Thermometer unlocks changing consumer behaviours, so you can anticipate new demands and priorities within your audience.

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How can I help my customers cope with rising costs?

We’ve supercharged our algorithm to provide answers to your critical questions. Reveal priority trends across 27 markets and 200+ customer groups. So whether you’re targeting Gen Z in APAC, Boomers in the US or German parents, you’ll know where to focus first to seize new opportunities.

Emerging trends

We rely on Foresight Factory to turn data into a structured and comprehensive take on key trends for us today and tomorrow. We get both the bigger picture and the granular understanding and implications. But equally important is the pro-active support & insights from the client team.

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Jacques-Julien Rieme, Consumer Insights Director

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