Navigating the Never Normal

Webinar: How brands can find direction in a world turned upside down

The permacrisis is ongoing, and the consumer impact is far from universal. At our webinar, we debunked myths and misconceptions about the post-pandemic “new normal” to give an accurate, up-to-date view of consumers’ financial and emotional realities

Harnessing data from our brand-new wave of global research, which spans nine markets and can be cut by dozens of customer segments, our expert analysts offered evidence-backed strategic recommendations for brands across the sector spectrum. Find out how to future-proof your business against risk and disruption so you can chart your path to success in the years ahead.

Questions we tackled:

How are consumers across markets, income brackets and demographics cutting back?

And many more.

Check your assumptions about consumer confidence and sentiment, and get to grips with need-to-know regional nuances so you can target your innovation, spending and messaging with strategic confidence. 

Discover how to boost brand resilience in this new era of Never Normal. 


Margot Peppers

Consumer Trends Editor

Margot commissions, writes and edits commercially impactful reports for our trends intelligence platform Collision, where machine capabilities meet human expertise. With a background in journalism and copywriting, she helps to set the strategic direction for Foresight Factory content, connecting clients to relevant trends, data and innovations so they can be ready for any tomorrow.

David Crosbie

Consumer Trends Editor

David has worked in the field of consumer trends and futuring for over a decade. He has helped clients in a wide variety of sectors – from food and drink and other FMCG to financial services and more – to plan effectively and create successful future strategies that are firmly embedded in consumer understanding.

Zoe McCready

Market Research Analyst

As a Market Research Analyst, Zoe prides herself on uncovering actionable data insights and identifying new analysis opportunities on Collision using a wide range of advanced data and statistical analysis techniques. Within her role, she aims to reveal what matters most, and enable success for every business.