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How much does sustainability really matter?

A British high end retailer asked us what sustainability really meant to their high end consumer. How important is it really? What does it mean to them?

Our answer: Our Algorithm found that for UK customers, sustainability was about challenging throwaway culture, for Chinese consumers sustainability combined with pride and a love of heritage combined to drive them to shop local – from production to distribution, while UAE consumers wanted sustainability activism and brands that champion eco-ethical issues and values.

Result: This informed the messaging for their new sustainability positioning.

Should I invest in influencer marketing?

A jewellery brand came to us to ask what the public perception of influencers is now. Should they continue using influencers, or are they missing another avenue to engage?

Our answer: Our Algorithm uncovered that for Gen Z influencer marketing is still very relevant alongside UGC and content co-creation. Gamificiation is also a growing area to explore. For Millennials, influencer marketing is still relevant, but limited editions and personalisations could better persuade. While for Gen X influencer marketing does not hold much relevance and they respond better to surprise & delight, rewards and discounts.

Result: they maximised the reach and engagement of their new brand by refining their influencer strategy. They also justified getting more budget for their next influencer campaign!

Influencer marketing
gen z african american

How do I connect with African Americans?

A US agency wanted to understand what was really important to young African Americans. What do they care about? How to reach them?

Our answer: Our Algorithm quickly found that community was a key need for this group.

Result: better positioning of a new skincare brand that really resonated with the target market.

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