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Collision is our dynamic intelligence platform where we let you see what’s next and what you need to do to get there. We connect our trend data to your business challenges so you can see what to do, and when.

Find out what really matters

How our algorithm gets you straight to the trends that matter most.

Challenge your assumptions

Explore and interrogate our data.

Know your customer

Dive deeper with our audience insights reports.

Prepare for what’s next

Pinpoint where, when and who with our predictions.

Find inspiration, identify opportunities and track the competition

Explore 1000s of global case studies.

Make trends meaningful and actionable

See how to act and when with every trend.

Find out what really matters

Our unique algorithm crunches millions of data points at lightning speed to pull out the most significant trends for your audience.

Filter by country, region, or key customer group – so you see our trends from your own perspective.

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Challenge your assumptions

Our datasets have been built over decades to deliver robust and accurate predictions and to allow you to see what your customer really thinks, feels and does. 

We help you to deliver better solutions designed with real people in mind, with greater confidence, and less doubt.

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Know your customer

We help you know what your customers want, before they do. Learn what’s certain to motivate and by how much, whilst understanding the behaviours that are here to stay.

Use our Audience Insights hub to 

  • See how to target generations and key audience groups
  • Understand driving behaviours, like budgeting and eco-behaviours in consumer segmentations
  • Discover emerging tribes of people behaving differently to the norm


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Prepare for what's next

We predict continuous change with outstanding accuracy so we can reveal future behaviours before they happen. Spot signals today so you can prepare for tomorrow and stay ahead of your competition. Quantify future opportunities for your emerging products and services. Let our robust, fact-based forecasts and data predictions do the legwork.

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Find inspiration, identify opportunities and track the competition 

Our continuous global innovation scanning tracks patents and innovations from disrupter brands to established global companies to spark ideas for innovation.

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What’s your research methodology?

We use an online methodology using panel based recruitment. Samples are provided by ICM Unlimited, GMI and their trusted partners. Surveys are designed to be interactive and accessible by respondents via mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Interlocking quotas are set on age, gender and region and data is then weighted to be nationally representative on age, gender and region for the offline population per market.

What’s adjusted data?

In international market research, base levels of enthusiasm vary significantly between countries due to cultural differences, semantics and differing optimism levels. We adjust our data with an intelligent algorithm that allows you to make meaningful comparisons between markets on a global chart. When you focus on one specific country, we show reported data.

How do I see Baby Boomers in global data?

You might have spotted that Boomers have disappeared from our global charts because our default age bracket is 16-64 (which cuts through Boomers). You can still access Boomer data by going to the advanced tab on any chart and selecting 16+ instead.

How do I save content for later?

You can pin anything you find on Collision to a board to come back to later. Set up a new boards here and you’ll be able to start pinning.

Can I share content with colleagues?

Yes – everything has a share button so you can email insights directly to colleagues. You can also share boards if you have a collection of insights you’d like to share with your team.

How do I change the topics I’m sent in my notification emails?

Go to your preferences here and select the sectors that interest you to receive weekly updates of what’s new. If you’re finding you’re getting too many emails from us, you can also switch to monthly notifications.

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Do you need to know what to expect for the next 6 months? Are you trying to understand how to connect to your audience to plan a campaign that will resonate? Or maybe you’ve just read hundreds of trend reports about Gen Z  –  but you still don’t know what to do.

Get straight to what matters with Collision.

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