Future of Alcohol in a Digital Age

May 29, 2024

The new pour: digital innovations in drinking

Welcome to the forefront of the alcohol industry, where new social occasions and a thirst for knowledge are shaking up the landscape. Our latest report, The Future of Drinking in the Digital Age, dives into two transformative shifts: the rise of domestic drinking occasions and the surging consumer desire to drink and learn. These aren’t just fleeting trends; they are fundamentally changing how we experience and enjoy alcohol.

Home bars become the new epicenter of drinking

The post-COVID era has transformed our homes into the ultimate destination for sophisticated drinking experiences. With home delivery and virtual tastings becoming the norm, living rooms are turning into chic bars. But this shift isn’t just about convenience; it’s about creating complex social experiences. Digital happy hours and online mixology classes are now integral to our social lives, making alcohol a vital player in our digitally driven world.

Knowledge on tap so we can learn as we drink

Today’s drinkers are more curious and informed than ever. They are exploring the intricacies of craft cocktails, the nuances of fine wines, and the emerging world of low- and no-ABV options. Brands are responding by blending education with experience, transforming casual drinkers into savvy connoisseurs. Virtual wine tastings, interactive cocktail classes, and rich, informative content are creating a seamless blend of drinking and learning, making every sip an experience.

Data heralds a new drinking culture

  • Digital socializing: Over half of legal drinking age (LDA) consumers in the US are interested in socializing in a 3D digital world using avatars.
  • Knowledge seekers: 1 in 4 weekly drinkers globally are eager to discover new experiences and ideas.
  • Home drinking: British consumers are increasingly opting to drink at home to save money.
  • Consumer engagement: 7 in 10 weekly drinkers globally appreciate when companies provide creative ways to use their products.

It’s more than time to swallow a trend towards more personalized, educational, and convenient drinking experiences, driven by digital innovation and changing social habits.

And so, let’s reimagine social drinking…

The pandemic has permanently altered how we socialize and consume alcohol. Home delivery, cocktail kits, and virtual tastings have become essentials. As economic pressures push more consumers to drink at home, brands are innovating to keep them engaged. Virtual and in-person events will continue to flourish, giving consumers the chance to feel like expert sommeliers or mixologists. E-commerce platforms will stand out through exceptional curation and personalization, powered by AI, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Immersive drinking experiences await

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are poised to revolutionize at-home drinking. Picture yourself on a virtual vineyard tour while sipping your favorite wine or receiving personalized pairing suggestions from an AI sommelier. These technologies will create immersive experiences that make drinking at home as thrilling as going out.

Embracing the Low- and No-ABV Revolution

Interest in low- and no-alcohol beverages is soaring. Consumers are becoming skilled in both mocktails and cocktails, hosting events that cater to all preferences. This trend offers brands a unique opportunity to educate and engage consumers about the benefits and enjoyment of these alternatives.

Got a thirst to understand how to equip your brand for the digital age?

  • Harness AR and VR: provide immersive experiences that connect consumers with your brand’s story.
  • Educate your audience: help consumers make informed choices, enhancing their drinking experience.
  • Celebrate sober-curious movements: Develop campaigns that promote mindful drinking and moderation.

Partner with Foresight Factory to see further

Ready to navigate the evolving landscape of alcohol consumption? Connect with us to access our comprehensive report.


Written by Content Team

The Content Team produces all the reports and articles that get published on our dynamic consumer trends intelligence platform, Collision. By tracking trends, monitoring signals of change across sectors and audiences, and working alongside our data team to digest and analyse our proprietary consumer research, they help leading global brands strengthen strategic relevance and gain a competitive edge.

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