Cracking the Code of Customer Closeness

Webinar: June 13th 2024 @ 3pm BST – Discover how to sync perfectly with your target audience 

In today’s fiercely competitive market and an unpredictable global landscape, connecting authentically with your customers isn’t just important—it’s essential for survival.  

Join us as we explore the pulse of consumer sentiments and unveil how brands can achieve deeper customer closeness. 

Topics we’ll cover:

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

The current pain points in customer experiences and how AI can transform these challenges into opportunities for closer connections.

Harnessing the Power of Fandoms

How fandoms are reshaping consumer engagement, from sports to fashion and food. Learn how your brand can leverage such passionate communities to foster lasting relationships.

Greening Consumer Choices

Our latest research on consumer barriers to greener behaviors and electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and how to segment audiences based on their environmental actions.

Our Experts

Dominic Harrison

Content Director

Dominic is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s flagship consumer trends and advisory service, Collision. He manages a team of analysts, editors, researchers, and data scientists who share the same goal: spotting, monitoring and forecasting consumer trends, and identifying growth opportunities for clients.

Emily Cullen

Head of Content Experience

Emily leads on innovating Foresight Factory’s client-facing content. She has also delivered thought leadership to clients over the last 9 years, particularly relating to the beauty, wellness and food industries.

Shreya Soni

Content Trends Analyst

Shreya’s understanding of consumer behavior is enriched by her academic background in psychology. At Foresight Factory, she focuses on a range of sectors and business applications including retail, food and beverage, fashion and loyalty. She has also worked on research projects for a wide range of global brands across categories.

Eliot Salandy Brown

Advisory Services Director

Eliot has been leading strategy projects for companies like Google, Ford, LEGO and Mars for 15 years, focusing on driving growth with a differentiated understanding of what future customers will value most.