Cost of Living: Find out what UK consumers are cutting back on

We recently surveyed UK consumers to understand how they're coping with rising costs, where they plan to cut back over the next year, and which products and services will be prioritised.

How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting your audience? Download our data infographic to see if your category makes the cut.

Talk to us to understand how your brand can help consumers with rising costs.

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How can I help my customers cope with rising costs?

We’ve supercharged our algorithm to provide answers to your critical questions. Reveal priority trends across 27 markets and 200+ customer groups. So whether you’re targeting Gen Z in APAC, Boomers in the US or German parents, you’ll know where to focus first to seize new opportunities.

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We use Foresight Factory to help us identify relevant trends and opportunity spaces for innovation. Their models helped us understand market opportunity sizing and prioritization, and their facilitated, cross-functional workshops enabled us to get to the strongest concepts and ideas.

Hillary Gelfman, Director, Global Category Innovation

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