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Meet Collision, the dynamic intelligence trends platform where trends are meaningful and actionable.

We connect our trend data to your business challenges so you can see what to do, and when.

Find out why we really are better than the rest.

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your business

We arm you with a compelling consumer view of trends for your business.

We’ll not only tell you what’s happened in your chosen market and why, but we’ll also give you the answers and recommendations you need, prioritised for action.

Know where to find growth with confidence.

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You won’t find our data on any other platform

We own it, it’s gathered from multiple sources and trended over 25 years.  Our data sources are both qualitative and quantitative and include editorial, social media listening and Google Trends, and AI technology.

See quickly and clearly how trends evolve, from emerging to growing or established. Be alerted to the weak signals, whilst capitalising on growing and relevant opportunities.

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Customise to your view of the world

See trends through your lens with your segments, questions, implications, and frameworks for an always agile perspective.

We can create bespoke audiences, tribes, and segments within our data, incorporating your own macro and micro themes.

You’ll get answers to those burning questions and a tailored action plan with customised content.

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Get a global and local view

Compare the similarities and differences between your target audiences to discover new opportunity.  Identify with ease your group strategy versus local market adaptation for consumer relevance.

Discover previously unseen opportunity whilst tailoring your products, services, and messaging for maximum impact across varying customer groups and markets.

Find new opportunities

Create a foresight culture and mindset

Unlock the power and practice of foresight.  With Collision, your teams can create trend stories to get everyone on the same page. Build boards to gather and share key trend insight, perfect for team collaboration and strategic planning.

And, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to help you nurture a foresight mindset right across your business.

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It’s one of the first places I look when someone asks me for an insight, especially because the demographic breakdowns are so good, and we don’t have that.
Senior Insights, Utilities
I really like the implications for different sectors. “What does this mean in the retail space?” The “so what” dimension is really useful to me.
Head of Strategy, Technology and Social Media
I use the prioritise trends feature to compare high-income vs. average-income consumers. It’s a powerful tool
Research team, Luxury and Premium
Walt Disney
Beiersdorf Logo

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