Want to build hype? Challenge your consumers

January 22, 2018

In our Trending 2018 report that topped the Forbes trends list, we introduce a bold theme: Quest to Purchase. As the name suggests, customers are challenged to take part in a series of tasks and activities in order to access a brand’s offering. It may sound like a counterintuitive idea, much like our last trend, dubbed Latchkey Loyalty, but hear us out.

37% of global consumers say that they aspire to be more open to new challenges. For the One-Click Generation, used to zero delay between intent and satisfaction, brands have the opportunity to create new barriers to purchase. By providing opportunities to graft and compete for their favourite brands in IRL settings, this opens new routes to fun and status for consumers. The effect is twofold: Firstly, it prevents the use of shopping bots that buy and resell popular products, which can dampen the experience for dedicated fans that are truly looking forward to a drop or launch of a new product. Secondly, these brands are able to balance the exclusivity with hype and accessibility.

Our research shows that 52% on average appreciate it when “companies give me early access to products before other customers”, rising to 64% of millennials. Women also place a higher premium on exclusivity, with 61% agreeing to that statement, compared to 49% of men. Capitalising on Quest to Purchase is the streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club, which created an elaborate pre-purchase quest for customers eager to buy its new hoodie. This involved geo-location check-ins, Morse code cracking and clue-laden billboards across Los Angeles.


How should brands act?

Add friction to the path to purchase. Where seamlessness and hyper convenience is fast becoming the norm, actively creating barriers to buying will intrigue consumers and create buzz around new product launches. Extend the invitation to compete for your custom through fun challenges, satisfying consumers’ competitive nature while boosting the perception and visibility of your brand.


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Written by Sebastian Jones