About Us

About Us

Call us future nerds, we are. We are masters of prediction and obsessively pick apart behaviour to spot trends and disruption before they happen.

We have built a business around people who are passionate about trends. This passion manifests in everything we do and since day one, in 1996, Foresight Factory (formerly called Future Foundation) has forensically analysed consumer trends data from all around the world, to translate the future for our clients.

Now, as we turn 20, we’re embracing a new identity – becoming Foresight Factory – as we continue our global expansion and help more clients Own the Future in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

Our Purpose

For us, it’s simple. Success comes from anticipating and owning the future. We continuously scour the globe to identify the critical trends and disruptors for our clients, by sector and market. We combine data-science and creativity, to give our clients personalised intelligence tools and roadmaps so they can be agile and remain competitive in an ever more complex commercial landscape.

Our Values


We spot trends first so you can stay ahead.


Out of noise and complexity, we signal what’s real and essential.


We are all about the truth.  We communicate with confidence and substance.


We combine data-science and creativity to model and translate the future.


We thrive in an open culture.  Our Goal?  To make and share predictive dynamite.

Our People

Spread across the globe, FF staff share a passion for the future and have a combination of skills and expertise that ensures we get clients to the future first. Meet a few of our senior team.

Christophe Jouan

Co-Owner & CEO
Love about FF

The desire to constantly search for new ways of getting ever closer to the truth about consumers

Wish for the future

Smoking is no longer bad for you

Meabh Quoirin

Co-Owner & CEO
Love about FF

Leading a business that isn’t afraid to re-invent itself

Wish for the future

A world where veggie burgers are sexier than their meaty cousins

Dominic Harrison

Director, Global Trends
Love about FF

The company’s war on the surface view, its global reach and its engaged clients

Wish for the future

A world where new generations of smart tech adopt a less interruptive and visible presence in our lives. No more phones at dinner!

Graham Hart

Love about FF

Colleagues who respond to large scale change by discussing, accepting and getting on with it

Wish for the future

Full VR and a method of commuting instantly

Nick Chiarelli

Director of Research and Analytics
Love about FF

Spending my days helping clients to think about and create the future

Wish for the future

An England football team that I’m not embarrassed by

Agathe Acchiardo

Director of Client Engagement
Love about FF

The mix of science and creativity to get new ideas everyday about what the future holds

Wish for the future

I can’t wait for a VR dating platform, where people can have virtual dates on the top of Everest, or in Alice’s Wonderland

Josh McBain

Director of Consultancy
Love about FF

Being one of the first to explore the most fundamental trends impacting global industry and society

Wish for the future

Electronic cars become more economical so I can afford a Tesla S Model before I hit midlife crisis

Barry Clark

Sector Lead - Financial Services & Auto
Love about FF

My ambition is to do interesting work with people I like; an ambition that I have fully realised over the last decade of working here

Wish for the future

The – surely inevitable – scientific discovery that beer is a health elixir

Laura Van Eeckhout

Account Director
Love about FF

A job with lots of versatility and a company with the right amount of craziness

Wish for the future

Rapid advances in genetic sequencing so I get to see a woolly mammoth!

Sarah Phillips

Account Director - Agencies
Love about FF

Being part of a company where everyone can have a real impact

Wish for the future

The return of UK retailer Woolworths

Kerry Rheinstein

Head of Platform Sales
Love about FF

Seeing the world through a prism of change and market opportunities

Wish for the future

Teleportation. So the physical world becomes as instantly global as the digital world

Bonnie Richardson

Head of Product
Love about FF

The variety –  on any day we look at changing attitudes towards identity, to the impact of AI, to what’s disrupting food and drink.

Wish for the future

Time-travel. If not actual full blown transported-to-a-different-time, then at least through mixed reality.

Georgina Sapstead

Head of Data & Analytics
Love about FF

I sit next to our office pet – a life-size crochet alpaca!

Wish for the future

All consumer data held by businesses and governments will be aggregated, anonymised and made publicly available (only downside – I’d never leave my desk!)

Laura Dennehy

Head of Trends
Love about FF

Being part of a culture that isn’t afraid to challenge the norm and pursue ideas

Wish for the future

The death of passwords: internet banking without having to remember a pin or your first pet’s favourite colour

Parimal Makwana

Head of Research
Love about FF

Working with people from a range of countries and walks of life

Wish for the future

That someone someday will invent an everlasting phone battery…

Marta Vilella-Vila

Head of Social Analytics
Love about FF

Being able to understand the world through a different lens, and using social media to identify (and increasingly predict) trends

Wish for the future

Massive weather pods in which I can enjoy my hometown-Barcelona sun in London

Michael Agnew

Head of Foresight Factory, Asia
Love about FF

A business that encourages its employees to be entrepreneurial

Wish for the future

Hangover-free craft beer

Anders Brogren

Managing Director, Nordics
Love about FF

Seeing and hearing clients’ satisfaction with the insight and foresight we give them. Finally I am at a place where we can make a difference

Wish for the future

Finding Columbus’ egg that will make me a scratch player in golf

Damir Jandricek

Managing Partner
Love about FF

Being in the midst of amazing data and brain power

Wish for the future

When the robots finally take over, we will all be artists…

Nathan Stringer

Chief Account Director, US Market
Love about FF

An egalitarian working culture where anyone can (and does) say anything

Wish for the future

Abolition of the penny and Electoral College, statehood for Washington DC and US territories

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