1. Gen Z are unhappy with their mental wellbeing

Only 33% of Gen Z are happy with their mental wellbeing, compared with 52% of Boomers.

Example of a brand supporting Gen Z wellbeing

Chill Pill app

This app offers a safe space for young adults to discuss mental health concerns. It’s a community-led social platform styled with psychedelic colours and smiley faces to appeal to the younger generation. Users are invited to chat to each other about their personal experience in a safe and welcoming space. 

2. Gen Z value in-person interactions at work

68% agree with the statement “Now that more of us can work remotely, I miss time spent with colleagues in person”. That’s 20 percentage points higher than the global average (48%).

Example of a brand keeping Gen Z connected

The Breakfast

This social app brings strangers together to talk over a meal. Anchored in genuine in-person interaction, the app hopes to help consumers have quality connections with others. Its website reads: “We believe in showing up, not swiping.” 


3. They view gaming as a self-care activity

1 in 2 Gen Z regularly game to maintain their general wellbeing. Only 38% of Millennials do the same.

Example of a brand boosting Gen Z wellness through gaming

Apart of Me

This mobile game was designed by grief experts, and it helps players navigate their emotions after a loss. Based on psychological research, the game aims to guide players through their darkest moments, with opportunities to explore their feelings and connect with others who have had similar experiences.

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