Trends and Reports

Trends & Reports

Download sample versions of a handful of the trends and reports that are available to subscribers to Foresight Factory’s FFonline platform.  Universal trends that shape tastes and determine demand the world over; sector trends that are critical to success in specific industries; custom reports produced in partnership with clients and focus reports on key markets, regions and topics.

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Report: Emotional Intelligence

View the findings of our ground-breaking study, produced with Sensum, which blends predictive trends with non-conscious implicit testing to take our understanding of how emotion really impacts brands to the next level. Learn more

Sample Trend: Life on Demand

The Uber-isation of product and service deliveries has brought about a powerful proposition: anything we want at the tap of a button. Learn more

US Tech-Savvy Consumers

How do you define a tech-savvy consumer? This sample report provides an analysis showing how this shift in consumer behaviour is manifesting across markets and sectors. Learn more

Sector Trend: Meal Prepping

This report analyses the elements and the potential audience of the food prepping trend, which refers to advance meal preparation and planning. Learn more

Focus Report: Ten trends to consider in Asia

Knowing how consumer trends manifest in specific geographies is critical to developing winning brands, products and strategies. Here are ten trends that matter in Asia. Learn more

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Custom Report: Millennial Travel

Millennials are  entering their prime spending years and choosing to travel.  Foresight Factory partnered with Expedia to explore Millennial travel trends. Learn more

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Custom Report: HIV The Long View

This report, produced in collaboration with Gilead for The Long View Coalition sets out the future of healthcare for people living with HIV.  Learn more

Focus Report: Gender Inequality in Advertising

We partnered with Advertising Week in summer 2016, to explore attitudes to gender diversity in the media, advertising and creative industry. Learn more

Report: Trending 2017 Global

Predictions for what consumers across the world think buy and feel in 2017. Discover how to generate brand affinity and be inspired by examples of innovation that will bring about opportunities for growth. Learn more

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Focus Report: Brexit

Predictions for what the landmark decision to leave the European Union will mean for the British economy and its trading partners. Learn more

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Report: Trending 2017 USA

When America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold.  Or so the saying goes.  The US version of Foresight Factory’s Trending 2017 report presents a deep dive analysis of the trends setting the agenda in this most critical consumer market.  Learn more