About the FFonline dataset

FFonline Global is home to 7 years of global consumer data, covering 20-27 countries.

Each wave of our research is designed to provide you with specific data relating to trends and to capture audience, demographic and behavioral data. This allows you to analyse our unique trends dataset by your key target groups. Each wave of our research includes both repeated core questions and new topics. This allows us to both track existing trends and validate and quantify new trends.


Panel information and survey design

We use an online methodology using panel based recruitment. Samples are provided by ICM Unlimited, GMI and their trusted partners. Surveys are designed to be interactive and accessible by respondents via mobile, desktop and tablet devices.


Quotas and weighting

Interlocking quotas are set on age and gender, and on region. Data is weighted to be nationally representative on age, gender and region for the offline population. We are confident that after some weighting adjustments our samples are representative of the population in each market.


Sample Sizes

Our sample sizes vary from 500 consumers to 5000 consumers depending on market and survey. We reach up to 45,000 consumers a year. The sample size will always be displayed in the source and base information of any Foresight Factory chart published on FFonline. If you have a specific question regarding sample size, please get in touch.

For more detail on our most recent global research wave, FFonline Research Key Facts (2017) Global.

Last Updated On July 25, 2018